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Paper Beads & Descriptions

I know this sample is large, but it's so you get a better view. The descriptions are below the enlarged view of the beads. Be SURE to look below the descriptions for the paper beads submitted by Papers By Catherine. Below that picture is a neat tip that Catherine also has for us.



1) The top two beads were made with a chartreuse and purple striped paper. After they were rolled, I used my dry embossing stylus and gold metallic acrylic paint to add polka dots, then painted with clear nail polish. Remove the q-tip stick after the polish dries.

2) The 3rd and 5th beads were made from the paper sample below. No polish was added.

3) The 4th bead was made from the gold wrapping around a candy bar - and if you're a real stamper, you've saved a couple for something, I know. For some reason when I ironed it to smooth it out, it crinkled, but those crinkles stretched out as I rolled it. Sample of paper below.

Just use your imagination. You can use any kind of paper and make them any size you want. They're so light weight and much easier to mail. Brightly colored magazine pages work great too!

Paper beads submitted by
Papers By Catherine

The black patterned beads are made from Japanese Yuzen. The solid color beads are made from translucent colored vellum! The bracelet in the center is also made from colored vellum, and gold dots added with a metallic pen after the beads were dried.

Catherine uses a Tombow glue stick to assemble the beads. When the bead is still on the toothpick (for rolling purposes), I roll the bead over the top of the glue stick, to coat it, and then smooth the glue all over the bead with my fingers, moistened in water. The glue dries rock hard and protects the beads. The jewelry in this file is about 3 years old and worn on a regular basis.

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