Bind-It-All Sizes

I finally got my Bind-It-All and what a grin. They included a paper sack to punch several times to clean up the lubricant applied at the factory. A friend and I didn't need that paper sack - we punched PLENTY of scraps trying to figure out how to determine the sizes I would need to make books. lol

I wanted to have a chart to refer to so that each time I wanted to make a book, I could just refer to it and not have to do the figuring. I thought perhaps others might like to use this.

Below is our chart and remember when I say Cover Width I mean the edge that you are going to bind. YOu can put that on the side or the top and then decide how wide or long you want the pages yourself. This is just the EDGE that is BOUND!

Be sure when you punch your covers, punch both sides and then do the continuous punches between the sides. Do this on both the covers and the pages.

After the cover width, I have also caculated the width the inside pages will have to be. Do the same thing and punch both sides before doing the continuous punches inbetween them. Notice that for each cover bound width you need to decrease the measurement of the inside pages by 1/4".


Another tidbit of information: If you visit the Indigo Inklings Blog she has a chart on the sheet capacity for each size wire as well as lots of other good information.