Submitted by: Sharon Sorenson

Webmasters note: These wonderful notebooks make up really fast, are extremely popular, and very economical to make. They're great gifts for students, co-workers, friends, men, women, children, etc. If you have questions, feel free to email Sharon by clicking on her name that is in blue just above and again at the bottom of the presentation.

Front Inside

Materials needed:

One 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of cover or cardstock
One 5" x 8" Jr. legal pad
Stylus or other tool to score


To make this cover, you need to utilize an entire 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper or cardstock. Most programs require a minimum margin to print, so you will have to recreate your pattern on a full sheet from the template that I'm providing. It's an easy pattern though. I would suggest that you print off the pattern and use it to follow along the step by step instructions.

Click Here For Pattern

1. Cut off 1/8" (A Line)

2. Score 1/2" from bottom (B Line)

3. Score 3/4" from right edge (C Line)

4. Score 1/4" from C line (D Line)

5. Score 5 1/8" from D score line (E Line)

6. Cut out shaded area below line B.

7. Fold up tab on the left hand side below line B.

8. Fold on E score line.

9. Cut pocket flap which is the shaded area in the upper left hand corner.

10. Glue B tab to the inside of pocket bottom.

11. Fold on C & D score lines.

12. Use glue or double stick tape on area to the right of line C and attach to back of notebook.

13. Decorate front of cover and inside pocket area.


These options will require an additional sheet of cardstock.

1. Cut a piece 5" x 1 1/8" and score 1/4" in along one 5" side. Fold on score line and glue onto top of binding on notebook.

2. Cut one piece 5" x 8" and glue onto back of notebook.

A Word About Jr. Legal Pads

These pads can be found at any office supply store, Walmart, Kmart, or any other variety store and come in several colors that can be coordinated to the notebook you are creating.

Many Thanks to Sharon Sorenson
for this great idea!

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