Card & Gift In One submitted by Karen Aicken

Sometimes occasions call for something more than just a card, yet a gift would be too much. For those times, you can make a stamped, laminated pin and incorporate it into the design of your card.

Because most of us do not own a laminator, you can purchase self-adhesive laminating sheets to do your laminating. These are at business supply stores, like Office Depot.

Decide on a design for your card, stamp it, then stamp a co- ordinating image on a scrap of card stock **DO NOT EMBOSS THIS** - if you are using a laminator, the heat will melt and smear the embossed image; the self adhesive sheets do not adhere well to embossing. Cut out your pin very close to the edges, then laminate both sides. Use a stylus to press the laminate sheets together right up against the edge of your pin. Basically, you're outlining your design with the stylus, through the plastic. Cut out again, leaving about a 1/8" border of laminating plastic around the image.

Use self-adhesive pin back, or E600 or Goop glue to adhere pin backs to your laminated pin. Set aside to let the glue set, overnight is best. Use a compass or Xacto knife to poke/cut two holes/slits where you want your pin to sit on your card, and pin the laminated pin to your card! You can use jumprings to attach dangling parts to your pin, ie: cut the legs off Printworks little angel before laminating. Laminate both pieces, cut out, then re-attach the legs to the bottom of the dress using jump rings. The legs wiggle and move, and really look sweet.

You can stamp small co-ordinating images to go with your pin, cut out and laminate these, then attach to your pin with jumprings: I had tea cups dangle from a Mary Englebreit 'Happy Day'(with teapot) square stamped image, and small stamped spades dangle from a stamped flower laminated pin. You can even add charms and/or beads instead of laminated dangle's.

For a different look, cut your card slightly smaller than it started out, using fancy edged scissors. Attach the laminated pin as above but then insert a colored card inside this decorated card. Tie the spine with gold elastic, and stamp & emboss a verse inside the colored card. When the card is opened, you do not see the pin poking through the card, as it is poked through the cover.

You can substitute a ribbon hanger for the pin back, and you have a little tree ornament, or something to hang from a peg, or attach a magnet piece to the back for a pretty fridge magnet. Remember people often have metal file cabinets at work, and front doors usually have a metal core. Fridge magnets can go farther than the kitchen! You can laminate larger stamped pieces and decorate your front door with these magnets. Easy to change with the seasons."