CD Jacket Books

Webmasters note: This is a really simple project that is a quick way to make a unique book for your friends and memories. Think of what a wonderful gift this would be. Anyone would treasure one of these forever!

Supplies needed:

1. 3 CD Jackets. These are available from some stamping vendors, or from U-Line or you can print you own thanks to a wonderful template created for us by April Tse.
These are the jackets that you need:

Note: The photo of this cd jacket is reversed. The side with the finger tab is really on the left.

To print your own, you will need 2 sheets of cardstock for each cd jacket (6 total) and you can obtain the template HERE and follow the instructions on the template using the picture of the finished CD Jacket above.

2. Glue or Double sided tape
3. Inks
4. Assortment of Stamps
5. Assortment of cardstocks
6. Optional: Fibers. tags, assorted embellishments or photo or other enclosures.


1. Stipple or Direct To Paper your color onto the front of one jacket and the inside pages only of 3 jackets. Decorate the inside pages only. Add pockets, put tags or teabags, or photos, etc. in the pockets, be as creative as you want.

2. Glue or use double sided tape to attach the back of the first jacket to the front of the second jacket. Then glue or tape the back of the second jacket to the front of the third jacket. They will now be assembled into a book with only the inside pages showing as shown below:

3. If you want to add fibers to the book, glue them onto the closed side of the book. If you want a ribbon to wrap around to tie the book closed, add it at this time also.

4. Cut a piece of contrasting cardstock 5 1/8" by 2 3/4". Score it lengthwise one at one inch, and 1 3/4" and fold. This piece will wrap around the outside edge of the jacket book to form the spine. Glue it onto your book.

5. Make a center panel to glue or tape onto the front of the book.

Your book is now finished!

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