Gift Bags submitted by Gingerwood Enterprises

Oh boy, you gotta see these bags. Talk about fun, cheap, easy and cute! They really have that old fashioned look.

It didn't scan in as nice as I wanted, but it was a difficult item to work with and you can still get the idea.

Remember when I told you to iron 100% cotton onto the shiny side of freezer paper and then cut it into 8.5 x 11 sheets? Today I took some of the sheets and printed some Christmas images on. Then I chalked them. I put them together with another piece of material and sewed three sides. I pinked the top edge. Then I put a piece of yarn into a big needle and just ran a draw string in and out all about 3/4 inch apart to around the top edge, down about 2- 3". Other than the chalking, the whole thing took about five minutes.

I just figured that one yard of muslin 45" wide would make about 8 bags. The price of muslin at Walmart's is $ 1.18 a yard, so that's eight bags for $ 1.18. Some of the ideas I have for them are as follows and I know you will come up with more.

1) Print the sheets and let the kids color them with colored pencil.

2) Emboss an image in gold and color just a few points. Then tie a beautiful bow or heavy cord around after you've gathered it.

3) Tie them with raffia, ribbon, garland, yarn, anything you want.

4) Use leftover sewing scraps and make contrast backs for them, then one yard of 45" would make 16 bags.

5) Put small items inside with crinkled up tissue.

6) If you are in a hurry and have a color inkjet, you could just print colored images on the sheets.

7) For larger bags, you could cut the bag the size you want out of any material. Sew the printed panel onto the center of the front, in about 1/2". Fray the panel to the seam. That would put a fringe around it. I think burlap would make wonderful big bags with the muslin panel in the center and would be perfect for giving a teddy bear or stuffed animal.

I'm so excited that I could go on and on tonight brainstorming with these. I know that many of you will have some wonderful ideas too.

Okay now, have fun wrapping!!