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Heart Pockets

Webmasters note: This sample has a large white spot on it that is light reflecting off the acetate.
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Narrow ribbon
Hole punch

Making the Heart Pockets

1) Cut out a heart shape from both cardstock and acetate of the size you would like. I like to make mine about 5" wide.

2) Sponge color around the edge of the cardstock heart. Then stamp your message or images on the cardstock.

3) Lay the acetate shape on top of the cardstock shape and punch holes around the edge, making sure you have an even number (not odd number) of holes.

4) Using narrow ribbon, lace the two pieces together about 3/4 ths of the way around. Place your candy into the packet and complete lacing. Tie with a bow.

Options: You could even place small gifts like earrings, movie tickets, whatever in these handy pockets.

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