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Laminate Collage

Submitted by:Arla Breshears

Webmasters note: Arla learned this from Laveda at Stamp Struck. These are really classy cards with a super shiny surface. Anyone would love to get one of these cards. The scanning actually does not do them justice. Most of the yellow parts on the cards are a brilliant gold.
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1. Heavy cold laminate sheet (cut into 1/4's - if you can't find it , you can order from Stamp Struck on the Gingerwood links!
2. Lint free cloth
3. Clear acrylic sealer
4. Photo copy sheet of stamped images must be photo copied or it won't work!
5. Gold leaf, copper leaf, silver leaf
6. Assorted pearl-x powders
7. Fine glitter
8. Black permanent ink pad and stamps
9. Card stock for layering
10. Glue or double stick tape
11. Marvy Metallic ink pens
12. Scissors


1. Select a theme and stamp on white text weight paper with images and then photocopy

2. Tear or cut images.

3. Peel the back off the laminate and work sticky side up.

4. Stick images face down on to sticky side of laminate.

5. Add gold leaf in any open area's here and there! Don't cover all the open spaces!

6. Soak laminate in clean, cold water until the white paper can be rubbed off with your fingers. Rolling motion works good. You can leave some of the white paper showing or remove it all, which ever effect you want. Dry With Lint Free Cloth.

7. Never , never use heat gun to dry!

8. Add glitter in places and rub pearl x on the back ground. You can use the metallic pens to color in areas also.

9. When you are satisfied with the color and look spray with clear acrylic spray to seal.

10. Layer onto cardstock - dark colors look great with this!

11. Stamp on the front of your Laminate card with the Black permanent ink pad any works or design stamps! (Don't forget to cover up the card stock before you stamp) This will give a 3-D effect.

12. This ink needs to dry overnight. Do Not use heat gun. It will buckle!!!!

Hope you all enjoy this art form as much as I have!

Many Thanks to Arla Breshears and to Bev Ramsey and Libby White.

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