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Sachet Cards

Submitted by:Nancy Hanson

Webmasters note: I can't think of a more gorgeous card for a birthday, Mother's Day, or any occasion.
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1 sheet (8.5" x 11" ) white linen or other lightweight paper (not cardstock) Judikins envelope template for A-2 envelope or 1 linen or lightweight A-2 envelope
1 sheet of legal size white cardstock (8.5" x 14")
1 sheet of green cardstock (8 1/2" x 11")
1 piece of plain vellum (5 3/4" x 4 5/8")
2 strips of 1/8" wide ribbon each 12" long
1 bow made from same 1/8" ribbon
1 strip of tiny white pearl beads (approximately 5" long)
1 organdy bow (approximately 18 inches of ribbon)
5 small ribbon or silk roses
1/4 cup vermiculite
1 bottle of rose scented oil
Black stamp pad (dye or Permanent - not pigment)
Clear Embossing Pad
Versa Mark stamp pad
Gold Encore Pad
Detail Black embossing Powder
Detail Gold embossing Powder
Water color markers, (Tombow, LePlume, etc) a medium green and pink
Ziplock baggie Corner double slot punch (Family Treasures or McGill)
Glue stick Glue gun or other adhesive for ribbons and roses Double Stick Tape Heat gun

Stamps: Stampers Anonymous script X-105
PSX Botanical Roses K-1636
PSX Ivy Leaf E-1798
Greeting/saying stamp of your choice

Making the Sachet

Put vermiculite in ziploc baggie, add a few drops of scented oil and shake. Set aside while you work on the project so the vermiculite can absorb any excess oil before putting it inside the sachet.

If using the ready made envelope, it will serve as your sachet and you can skip the next paragraph. If using the envelope template, trace envelope onto linen paper, score fold lines or lightly mark with pencil. Cut envelope out, fold on score lines and using glue stick, glue envelope together leaving one end open.

Using the clear embossing pad, stamp the botanical rose on the vellum in a random pattern. Emboss with black detail powder. Emboss the vellum slowly to avoid warping. Color the rose from the back of the vellum using the green marker for the leaves and the pink marker for the rose petals. If you choose, you can use darker markers for shading.

Turn the envelope 90 degrees from it's "regular" orientation. It should now be taller than it is wide. Stamp the front of the envelope with the script stamp using black dye or permanent ink pad.

Attach the vellum to the front of the sachet using the double stick tape under the roses so the tape doesn't show. Notice that the roses on the sample are stamped at random to help hide the tape.

Take the two 12 inch strips of ribbon and tie them together with a knot at both ends. This is your handle. Pour vermiculite into sachet.

Glue flap shut. Add decoration to front of sachet.Hot Glue works well. When glueing your embellishments, start 1/2" down from the corner and 1/2" in from the side of the upper left hand of the sachet. This allows enough room to insert the corners of the finished sachet into the slots of the card. Layer as follows:

1. Fold beads in a loop and glue the ends only down
2. Glue white organdy bow on top of beads
3. Glue colored ribbon bow on top of organdy bow
4. Position roses around bows and pearls
Glue the ribbon handle to the back of the sachet by putting a dot of glue under each knot. Again, allow clearance for the corners to be inserted into the slots by gluing the knots of the handles 1/2" down from the top of each side of the sachet.

Click here for a view of the ribbon on the of the sachet

Set finished sachet aside.

Making the card:

Take legal size cardstock. Score and fold in half (7" would be the middle). Everyone does not have access to a paper cutter that measures past 12". Folding the card before it is cut, allows the paper to be used on any paper cutter. Leaving the card folded, cut 3/8 " off the open end, and 1 3/4" off one side. Do not cut on the folded end. When you open the card up, it should now measure 5 1/4" x 13 1/4" . This card will stand "tent style". It has to in order to handle the weight of the sachet and embellishments.

Cut a piece of green cardstock to measure 5" x 6 3/8". Stamp leaf at random on this piece of cardstock with the Versamark watermark stamp pad or you can also sprinkle some gold embossing powder on the leaves and emboss a portion of each leaf too as shown in the sample here. Punch all four corners of this paper with the double slot punch. Attach to front of white card with double stick tape placing the tape between the slots and in the center of the paper. Do not place tape under the punched slots.

Stamp greeting/saying of your choice onto a scrap of the green paper using the Gold Encore Pad. Emboss with detail gold powder. Trim to desired size. Cut a piece of white cardstock 1/4" larger than the embossed greeting. Using double stick tape, attach the embossed greeting to this piece of white cardstock. Now attach the completed greeting to the front of the card with double stick tape.

Click here for a view of the card before the sachet is placed in it.

Take the sachet, tuck the handles to the back and shake the vermiculite to the bottom of the sachet. Carefully slide the top corners of the sachet into the corresponding top slots of the card. Turn the card 180 degrees, shake the sachet again to move the vermiculite out of the way. Slide the bottom two corners into the corresponding bottom slots of the card. Turn the card 180 degrees again and you are done.

A few notes on the supplies: Vermiculite is a by-product of the mining of mica. It retains moisture. It is used in commercially manufactured sachets for this reason. It is also used in garden soil to retain moisture. For this reason, you can find it in your local garden nursery or Wal-Mart in the gardening section.

The scented oil is found in most stores with the scented candles. It is usually a small bottle used for aromatherapy, to re-scent commercially produced sachets, or on light rings to scent your homes. Any of this scented oil will work fine.

Many Thanks to Nancy Hanson
for sharing this fabulous idea!

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